All Donations made towards Sahana Charitable Trust For The Disabled (R) are eligible for 50% tax exemption under Section 80G of Income Tax Act. This would be applicable for contributions within INDIA. For contributions from outside INDIA, you would receive a reciept for your contribution under FCRA (Foreign Contribution Regulation Act).

If The Money We Donate Helps One Child To Live Happy, Those Funds Are Well Spent. If You Really Want To Help In The Best Way, Volunteer or Donate

Sahana Charitable Trust For The Disabled (R) is striving hard to promote education among the visually challenge and bring them to the main stream of society since 2001. 70% of the organizational staff and the board of trustees are visually challenged.
We transcribe the printed textual matter into Braille and supply the needy students at free of cost to pursue their studies competently and comfortably. To add more strength and stability to the ongoing project of transcription of Braille books, and also in want of taking up new projects for the benefit of the college going students, the organization as taken up the project of providing free hostel facility to the visually challenged college going girls studying in various colleges of the silicon city coming from distant rural districts. The students here are given coaching in their required subjects by various faculties in the evenings at the hostel premises.
High rental charges and frequent change of buildings is a great hurdle for our service to continue without breaks.
It has become a difficult task for the organizers to meet the daily expenses including the rental charges (45,000 INR per month) for the building which is accommodating both hostel and the transcription work.
We believe that our organization could reach great heights by having our own residential building. Currently, the building we are housed in, is very appropriate and convenient to suite our working atmosphere.
We do request all our well-wishers and philanthropists to help the organization to have a building of our own by donating very generously towards the building fund. Every donation made towards the building will have their names displayed on the purchased building along with the volume of their contribution. People donating Rs 50,000 and above can derive satisfaction of their donation being felt very tangible and visible for many years to come.
The coming generation will also cherish these contributions by inciting academic career in our new residence as we intend to run an inclusive school, where the both differently abled and the abled children from below poverty line can study together.
So, please make your donation to the building fund with a sense of urgency and help the organization feel proud to have a building at your behest, and extend its service successfully and effectively to more and more needy students.


Respected Madam/Sir,

I would like bring the following into your kind consideration.

Sahana charitable trust for the disabled is a voluntary organization formed by five like-minded visually challenged 17 years ago, to promote education among the visually challenged to bring them into the main stream of the society. We transcribe the prescribed academic books into braille script and distribute to the needy college-going visually impaired students throughout Karnataka state to pursue their studies competently and comfortably. We also run a free hostel to the visually impaired girls studying in various colleges of the silicon city. These students come from far-flung rural areas belonging to below poverty line families.

Our Bangalore unit, the head office is sheltered in a rented building of the above address.  Here, we have our braille transcription centre and a girl’s hostel.  We have accommodated 25 college-going visually impaired girls in our hostel and 12 employees taking care of all these activities.  As this is a rented building, we have to vacate as and when the land-lard wishes. We are already informed by the owner to lookout for a different building as it is likely to be disposed of at the earliest.

Frequent shifting of buildings hampers our day-to-day work to a great extent. It is also very hard to trace a suitable building. The owner of this building urges us to purchase promising to sell it to us Rs. 25 lakhs lesser than to the other buyers.  We realise that this building is absolutely suitable to our activity; as it enables our clients and our inmates an easy accessibility to go and come.  Though we are not in a position to buy this building costing Rs. 3 crores, we do possess an ambition to have a permanent shelter that makes us very comfortable to serve the visually challenged community. So, we earnestly appeal to your good self to contribute generously to this noble cause enabling our trust to have a building of its own and do the service to the deprived community with ease and comfort perpetually.  We trust you would generously extend your helping hand towards purchase of this building.


Thank you,

Your’s faithfully

V. Narasimhaih