Teaching & Career Counselling

Tutoring of academic subjects to the students for their better understanding and also career guidance and counselling for a better future.

As many of the visually challenged students attend regular Schools/Colleges along with able bodied students, studying becomes a daunting task. Also, with non-availability of all the study material in Braille script, support from friends/guardians becomes important.

With the help of volunteers, we are able to offer visually challenged students teaching assistance in subjects of thier opted courses along with guidance to their careers.
The interaction with the teachers provides them insight in understanding the subject better and get a better picture of the outside world. There are regular discussions, talks and debates planned along and with the visually challenged students to enhance their intellectual capabilities and perspectives of life.

There is also equal importance given to the rehabilitation and counselling of visually challenged people who come newly into our trust from a challenging environment. The intention is to make them fight against depression, mental ailments, low self-esteem issues.

With these inputs, a visually challenged student would be able to obtain a job opportunity in the outside world, compete against a normally abled and be able to shape up his future and create his own identity without depending on others.