Our Vision

As per 1991 census, there are 500 million disabled people in the world out of which 42 million are visually impaired.

In INDIA, there are 42 million disabled people out of which 9 million are visually impaired.

80% of the disabled live in rural and remote areas.

In Karnataka, as per 1991 census, out of 1 Lac population, there are 900 visually impaired people.

562 are from urban background and 338 are from rural background.


INDIA currently has around 12 million blind people against 39 million globally which makes India home to one-third of the world’s blind population.
Being a developing nation,INDIA has little support and infrastructure for under-privileged and visually impaired sections of the society. Basic amenities, Education and Career opportunities are scarce and they are one of the neglected groups of the society.

Sahana Charitable Trust For The Disabled (R) aims at empowering the visually impaired to create their own individual identity and live life with dignity in the society. The formation of this organization is aimed at creating an obstacle-free environment for all those visually impaired youngsters seeking academic career. Our ideology is to create 100% literacy among visually-challenged community and also to provide them with all the inputs favourable to shape their future.

Our philosophy is "DIGNITY FOR ALL"

The word “Sahana” means “patience”. As the name clearly indicates, Sahana Charitable Trust For The Disabled (R) is exercising maximum patience in listening to the problems of the differently-abled.

With education and proper guidance, a visually challenged can choose a career opportunity which makes him financially independent and able to lead a dignified life without depending on others.