Braille script

braille script

Education is a basic necessity for any individual. For a visually challenged student, education has to be imparted through special schools. These schools are not accessible to the economically backward classes of the society. This becomes a hurdle in their overall development.

It is critically important to the lives of visually impaired people as the ability to read and write in braille opens the door to literacy, intellectual freedom, equal opportunity, and personal security.

Through Braille script, a visually challenged student would be able to read and write as a normally abled student. With the availability of syllabus study material in Braille script, a visually challenged student can self study without any dependence on others.

In Sahana Charitable Trust for the Disabled (R), we insist on the usage of Braille script as a mode of educational training than vocal or voices enabled training as this improves their language command and provides the depth of understanding which voice enabled training lacks.

Hence the availability of Braille books (Course syllabus, literary works, general knowledge) is of great importance in shaping the learning curve of the visually challenged staffs.

As part of Braille script conversion process, a volunteer of Sahana Charitable Trust for the Disabled (R) reads out the ink print text to a visually challenged student who types the same text in the computer. The text is then embossed on hard bound papers using special printers. Using voice enabled softwares, a visually challenged is able to operate a computer which enhances their operational skills and adaptability to the modern world. Visually challenged individuals operate with us full/part time as transcribers in conversion of ink print into Braille script thus helping them in their livelihood.

The trust has taken up the Braille Transcription project with the keen interest of distributing Braille books of both general and academic importance across the state free of cost to help the visually students and to render qualitative education, empower and enrich their skills and knowledge.