About us

Sahana Charitable Trust For The Disabled (R) is a Non-Governmental, Non-Profitable organization working for the empowerment of the Visually Challenged. Being formed, run and managed by three visually challenged, the trust aims to provide education for all the visually challenged, provide all the required support in terms of guidance and counselling to become independent and lead a life with dignity. The trust has its presence in the state of Karnataka, INDIA and operates at three locations with Head Office in Bangalore and Branches in Mysore and Dharwad. The trust has been awarded by State Government of Karnataka for its selfless service towards the visually challenged community.

Our family

Our history

Starting with humble beginnings back in 2001, the trust has gone through various up’s and down’s and is fully committed to work for the visually challenged.

Life of a v isually impaired is a challenge at every stage. Few inherent problems which a visually impaired faces are:

Basic mode of education followed by visually challenged students is through Braille language.

With the lack of education syllabus in Braille script and absence of obstacle free environment, many students have to discontinue their education. There were times when a single book was shared among complete class of students.
Having this bitter first-hand experience as students, we three of us formed a team and decided to help our younger generation and make their academic career easy going with the establishment of Sahana Charitable Trust For The Disabled (R) .

Back in 2001, it started with conversion of education syllabus books into Braille script with the work-load shared among us. Later, this grew further in conversion of novels, other subject matter into Braille language and also with the help of volunteers for the betterment of the visually impaired community.

Officially on 27th November 2003, “Sahana Charitable Trust For The Disabled (R)” was registered and the start of a humble beginning.

The trust started its functioning with translation of ink print books to Braille books which would help visually challenged students in their education. Later, the trust started involving in counselling and guidance for the visually challenged students in choosing their careers and providing contacts and help for generating employment.
In 2008, Braille transcription units were opened in Mysore and Dharwad.
In 2010, the trust started free girl’s hostel in Bangalore division to help economically backward, visually challenged students to obtain education and provide an opportunity to thread their future.